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Innovative Comfort.

Discover comfort beyond anything you've ever experienced before! Our fine selection of Ekornes/Stressless and IMG of Norway sofas, sectionals, chairs and recliners will knock you off your feet. With innovative comfort systems that support your head, neck and lumbar regions in any position. And the stylish European designs blend wonderfully into any room setting.

Ekornes - Stressless IMG of Norway

Ekornes / Stressless Fall 2011 Home Seating Promotion  
IMG Norweigen Relaxer Recliner - Bella IMG Norweigen Relaxer Recliner - Crown IMG Norweigen Relaxer Recliner - Divani IMG Norweigen Relaxer Recliner - Hampton
IMG Relaxer - Bella IMG Relaxer - Crown IMG Relaxer - Divani IMG Relaxer - Hampton
IMG Norweigen Relaxer Recliner - Prince IMG Norweigen Relaxer Recliner - Ventura IMG Norweigen Chair - Space 20.10 IMG Norweigen Chair - Space 20.30
IMG Relaxer - Prince IMG Relaxer - Ventura IMG Space 20.10 IMG Space 20.30
IMG Norweigen Chair - Space 50.30 IMG Norweigen Chair - Space 50.40 IMG Norweigen Chair - Space 52.42 IMG Norweigen Modern Chair - Samba
IMG Space 50.30 IMG Space 50.40 IMG Space 52.42 IMG Modern Chair - Samba
IMG Norweigen Modern Chair - Cobra High Back IMG Norweigen Modern Chair - Harmony Low Back IMG Norweigen Modern Chair - Harmony High Back
IMG Modern Chair - Cobra Highback IMG Modern Chair - Cobra Lowback IMG Modern Chair - Harmony Lowback IMG Modern Chair - Harmony Highback
IMG Norweigen Classic Chair - Benz IMG Norweigen Classic Chair - Jade IMG Norweigen Classic Chair - Ruby IMG Norweigen Classic Chair - Topaz
IMG Classic Chair - Benz IMG Classic Chair - Jade IMG Classic Chair - Ruby IMG Classic Chair - Topaz
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